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Broadway and Seventh St., 1905-2000
Broadway and Seventh Street was the "Center" of Los Angeles from about 1900 until about 1950, by the simple criterion that it had the highest traffic volume, both vehicular and pedestrian, of any intersection. Seventh Street from Broadway to Figueroa was the mian street of the Central Business District, with the peak land values and trophy properties of major institutions. This "downtown" was abandoned by leading institutions for a new location on the redeveloped Bunker Hill, after 1960. Broadway remains the "Center" of downtown life for millions of immigrants. Some historic movie palaces such as Loew's State Theatre have been converted to evangelical churches, while others, such as the Orpheum and Los Angeles Theatre, are objects of historic preservation and frequent locations for movie shoots. The entire streetscape remains densely packed with pedestrians in the year 2000. Business is brisk and no storefront is shuttered.
1905 pananorama and details from roof of Lankershim Hotel, Southeast corner.
2000 panorama and details from roof of parking structure on site of former Lankershim Hotel, Southeast corner.
2000 panorama from street level, Northwest corner.
Stills and Details, 1905-2000
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