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Bunker Hill, 1940 Model of the City of Los Angeles
Eyeball is Point of View; Toothpicks are Left and Right Line of Sight and Index (Reference Point) Markers
GREEN=LEFT, YELLOW=RIGHT: Scroll down to see 1997 index map.
West side of Bunker Hill: Left Toothpick is at Figueroa and 3rd Streets; Right toothpick is at Figueroa and 5th. Block bounded by Figueroa, 4th, 5th, and Flower is site of Portman's Bonaventure Hotel (just to left of Right Toothpick in 1940 model image). (Detail of 1940 Model of the City of Los Angeles).
Two-frame panorama from the closest analogous position to that of the camera in the 1940 model image to the right. This shot is from 3rd Street bridge over the Harbor Freeway. The Bonventure is the cylindrical structure at teh center of this image.
Note: Highways are shown for reference