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Bunker Hill, Documentary Photographs by Theodore Hall, 1956 Henry Huntington Library
Anticipating the destruction of Bunker Hill in the mid-1950s, amateur photographer Theodore Hall photographed daily life on Bunker Hill. This series of photographs simulates a visit to the "Budget Basket" The Hall photographs at left below document the corner represented by this detail of the 1940 City of Los Angeles Model. Heart of former Bunker HIll residential life: 3rd St. between Olive and Grand, viewed from Northwest looking Southeast. (Detail of 1940 Model of the City of Los Angeles). (Go to Model Series)
See a panorama of this corner in the year 2000
The two photos below are taken from approximately the same position: In 1956 it was the south side of 3rd St. across from the Budget Basket; in 2000 it was "The California Plaza" looking toward the 300 Building, Tower 1.
Continuing the series, Theodore Hall photographed "Red" the newspaper vendor in front of the Budge Basket, on the north side of 3rd St.
The series by Theodore Hall concludes with this interior shot of a young girl purchasing milk and Wonder Bread at the liquor counter of the Budget Basket.
Note: Highways are shown for reference