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Grand Avenue (from South side), between 2nd and 3rd Streets 2000.10.04.15h30
Building with pyramid-shaped skylights at middle-left of image is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) [Arata Isozaki; Gruen Associates, 1983-87]; Building under construction at far left of image is Disney Concert Hall [Frank Gehry 1988-2001]. Visible behind Disney Concert Hall is Dorothy Chandler Pavilion [Welton Becket and Associates, 1964-69]
12 images stitched into a single panorama, (c) 2000 Philip J. Ethington
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About this Image:

The 12 original images for this panorama were taken by the author using a tripod-mounted Nikon Coolpix 800 digital camera, at 35mm focal length, horizontal orientation. The author adjusted the colors with Adobe PhotoShop (r) , and stitched, blended, and rendered images into the panorama shown here using MGI Photovista (r) software. Severed or broken images of automobiles, people, etc, are a function of the panorama stitching algorithms, and apart from their occurence at the edges of the original frames, these effects are entirely arbritrary. The author left them undisturbed in order to preserve the evidence of manipulation.

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