[Note 1]

The Oxford English Dictionary (2d edn, 1989) documents a rich figurative usage of this term almost immediately after the visual spectacle called a "panorama" was first introduced in London in the 1780s:

"b. fig. A complete and comprehensive survey or presentation of a subject.
1801 (title) The Political Panorama. 1806 MRS. STERNDALE (title) The Panorama of Youth. 1812 J. SMITH (title) The Panorama of Science and Art. 1813 M. EDGEWORTH Patron. (1833) II. xxvii. 137 In his rapid panorama of foreign countries, he showed variety of knowledge. 1860 PUSEY Min. Proph. 425 Habakkuk, in one vast panorama,... exhibits the future in pictures of the past."