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Miss Annie Blacker House
Pasadena, California, 1912
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Miss Annie Blacker House
Pasadena, California

Annie Blacker was the sister of Robert R. Blacker, a loyal client of the Greenes. Robert's house of 1907-9 is one of the brothers' finest achievements. In 1912, Robert also commissioned two bungalows for Long Beach and later, in 1923-4, donated the money for the design and construction of Cal Tech's student clubhouse. For her house, Annie also turned to the family architects. Based on the model of the California House of 1904-5, Annie Blacker's house was large and very comfortable, although not so formal and grand as her brother's. There are five bedrooms, several sleeping porches, a large veranda, a living room, dining room, den, and service rooms, all laid out in a straightforward way, without the grand processional spaces of her brother's house or the Gamble House. The plan is an elongated T-shape, with the shorter side, the cross of the T, facing front. This simple facade is capped by a spreading gable that further restrains the exterior. With a broad porch and trellis structures, whose vegetation provides further cover, the house stands quietly within its lot, a simplified legacy of the extroverted and dynamic major wooden bungalows of a few years earlier.