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Edgar W. Camp House
Sierra Madre, California, 1904
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Edgar W. Camp House
Sierra Madre, California

This was the Greenes’ opportunity to design a modified casa de rancho plan in the spirit of the Arturo Bandini house of 1903. The rough materials, simply composed without decorative adornment, make it one of the Greenes' finest architectural understatements. It is a deceptively simple house; something the Greenes had been refining since the first Bolton house. The living room recalls the great-room of the Bandini house, but the overall composition looks to the future, even to the classic California ranch house typology of the mid-twentieth century. Bedrooms are accessible directly from internal living spaces without the need to venture outdoors in bad weather, or to invade other bedrooms. The Camp furniture evolved from the Stickley-like pieces published in Academy Architecture that Charles had designed for the Mary Darling house (as well as from the furniture designs executed for Jennie Reeve). Although the designs show a debt to Stickley, the Camp pieces are more refined. The Camp interior improves on the treatment of masonry in the Bandini fireplace and chimney by bringing the hearth's paving stones right into the living space, and by projecting massive boulders at the base of the fireplace into the room to create inglenook seats on each side.