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Mrs. C. P. Daly House
Ventura, California, 1925
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Mrs. C.P. Daly House
Ventura, California

Referred by her sister, Mrs. Thomas Gould, a new client, Mrs. C. P. Daly came to Henry Greene for a house design in Ventura, California. Commissioned in 1925 but designed in 1926, the elaborate but casual Daly house was conceived in the Spanish-Colonial Revival style so popular in Southern California. The un-built plan was reminiscent of the Kate A. Kelly house of 1921 but would have been much larger and more developed. The one-and-a half story, two-bedroom, would have faced the Pacific Ocean to the southwest with nearly distinct pavilions for functional space projecting from the central mass of the house. This allowed tremendous flexibility in window and door placement. A dramatic view to the water was to be provided by a large, multi-paned and arched window with narrow sidelights at the end of main axis of the living room. Henry Greene placed all the furnishings carefully into the sketch of the plan. The dining room was to project from the west side of the house at ninety degrees to the living room to provide an intimate space and also to give a view of the south along one of the house walls. A decorative covered balcony overlooking a shelter rear patio and an elevated front terrace provided additional outdoor living spaces. If it had been constructed, the house would have been one of Henry’s most noteworthy designs.