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Theodore P. Gordon House
Pasadena, California, 1897
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Theodore P. Gordon House
Pasadena, California

With a contract price of just under four thousand dollars, the Gordon commission came with a more generous budget than any previous job the Greenes had undertaken. An octagonal corner tower--reception room below and bedroom above--distinguished the massing of the exterior. A deep, continuous decorative frieze, gables decorated in stereo relief, and a Georgian balustrade guarding the second-story balcony all seem to have been borrowed from Frederick Roehrig's design for the Jacob Helmke house, a commission the Greenes had recently lost to the more experienced Roehrig. The Greenes lavished attention on the details of the Gordon interior, providing for a built-in dining room sideboard flanked by built-in window benches, and two intricately carved mantels for the library and dining room.