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John T. Greene House
Sacramento, California, 1914-15
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John T. Greene House
Sacramento, California

By 1914, the Greene & Greene firm's familiar vocabulary of wooden architecture had begun to experience fading popularity. It resurfaced, however, in a design for Sacramento real estate developer John Thomas Greene (no immediate relation to the architects). John T. Greene was struck by the serene beauty of the architects’ work in Pasadena, and especially by the Japanese qualities of their roof lines and overhanging eaves. The design that Henry Greene created for John Greene, and his wife, Alvene, was a distillation of the classic wooden vocabulary that the firm had all but abandoned a few years earlier. The dimensions of the facade are based on the Golden Rectangle, the ancient law of proportion that controls the height as a function of the base length. Especially notable is an intimate breakfast room with clear-heart redwood beams and paneling.