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Mrs. C.A. Whitridge House
Pasadena, California, 1904
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Mrs. C.A. Whitridge House
Pasadena, CA

Henry Greene's mother-in-law, Charlotte A. Whitridge, paid for the construction of the house that she would then share with her daughter's husband and their three-year-old son. It would be a house of her son-in-law's design, but would always remain her property. The original plan of the Charlotte Whitridge house reflected the relationship between the two sides of the family that was to occupy it. Functional areas overlapped almost not at all: duplicated living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens allowed each side of the household to maintain a separate existence from the other, while still being available in physical proximity. Despite the separateness of functional areas on the interior, the exterior aspect was that of a spacious, single-family home. The four sides of the house bristled with boldly expressed architectural features: deep overhangs to protect interiors from excessive sun, clapboard siding whose edges cut crisp lines of shadow across the facade, and exposed structural elements such as the heavily bracketed balcony over the recessed entry. A complex system of roofs intensified the impression that the house was linked, room by room, to the subtle grading of its sloping site. A later addition of bedrooms accommodated Henry and Emeline's growing family. Over the years, Henry also designed and constructed fences, pergolas and stone paths to enhance the garden that his children loved to play in.