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Joseph H. Huntoon House
Visalia, California, 1922
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Joseph H. Huntoon House
Visalia, California

Henry Greene designed this duplex residence for a relatively long, rectangular lot. The drawings show two schemes for a double house of two stories with a "two-stall" garage at the rear of the property. A long driveway brings the traffic from the street along the house to the back. The two entrances are both placed on the front façade, one facing directly onto the street and the other approached by steps placed at a ninety-degree angle to the door. The two schemes use massing to incorporate the entrances into one elevation. Scheme 1 is straightforward, with each porch having the same gable and the elevation is made up of separate blocks. Two long horizontal gables dominate scheme 2, the lower one uniting the entrances, which now each have very different treatments. The plan for this project is less developed. It appears that the two houses mirror each other in plan, which forms a U-shape making a courtyard behind. Thus the second floor appears to be only a sleeping porch and a storeroom.