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Samuel Merrill, Jr. House
Pasadena, California, 1910
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Samuel Merrill, Jr. House
Pasadena, California

Due to the Greenes’ reputation for high-cost work, just three small projects for new clients and several additions and alterations for existing clients were designed or completed during 1910 and the immediate years following. They lacked new commissions of the size of the 1907-09 projects. One of these projects was a small 1910 bungalow for Henry Greene’s friend, Sam L. Merrill, in northern Pasadena. With the library set off the living room, the Merrill house has some features of the more expensive bungalows, including a partially separated living room and dining room with a gateway-like wall, a variation that can be found in the Crow house of 1909. The added gable roof of the library gives character to the exterior elevation and provides privacy for the side porch.