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South Pasadena Realty & Improvement Company, Entrance Gate and Fence
South Pasadena, California, 1904-05
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Oaklawn Residential Park Portals
South Pasadena, California

In late 1904, the Greenes were contracted to design the entrance gate portals and fence for a private development, Oaklawn, only blocks from Orange Grove Ave. The gates provided prestige to the subdivision and help establish the ambiance wanted by the developer, S. W. Ferguson. The entrance gate is actually composed of two tile roofed towers made of large boulders at the base and progressively smaller cobblestones toward the top that stand on each side of the entranceway to Oaklawn Street from Columbia Street. The towers were meant to support lanterns that would hang over the roadway and each tower is connected to a lower cobblestone column with a metal pedestrian gate slung between the tower and column on each side.

The tower and the column together support a roof over each pedestrian gate. The fence bordered much of the Oaklawn housing tract and consisted of stone pillars with brick caps--miniatures of the gate pillars. Lath strips in a simple crosshatch pattern connected the pillars to each other. The gateways and perimeter fence along with the charming oak-tree-shaded bench in the center of Oaklawn Avenue, gave a naturalistic and harmonious theme for the housing development.