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Mrs. Josephine Van Rossem House, #2
Pasadena, California, 1904
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Mrs. Josephine Van Rossem House, #2
Pasadena, California

The client commissioned this house from the Greenes as a real-estate speculation. Of the brothers' work, this house represents the closest execution of their idea for the high-end, mass-market market--the "California House." The massing of the volumes and the style and placement of the windows are directly adapted from the model house as is the cobblestone foundation on which the house s its. Small (for the Greenes) porches on the front and side entrances also reflect the California House concept. The plan is a mirror image of the original drawings, too, with the dining room/living room orientation reversed in the Van Rossem, hence also reversing the entrance. With its cedar shingles, pitched roof, and wood-frame details, the house bears a strong familial relationship to its more expensive bungalow cousins. Even so, its final cost of $5,100 was well above the cost of a comparably sized house in Pasadena at the time, as well as being more expensive than the smaller Van Rossem speculative house of the year before.