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Mrs. Lucy E. Wheeler House
Los Angeles, California, 1905
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Miss Lucy E. Wheeler House
Los Angeles, California

Lucy Wheeler ran a stenographic business whose services Greene & Greene routinely used to draw up contractor's specifications for their jobs. The house she commissioned from them was for her mother and sister as well as for herself, and though her budget was not extravagant, it was sufficient to produce a well-built, four-bedroom house. Created for an urban lot, the plan is narrow and long compared with parcels the Greenes normally worked within Pasadena, even for their smaller houses. The design solution was to use a two-story block with modifications to shape it to the narrow urban lot. Constraints on all four sides challenged the design. The resulting plan operates with tight efficiency, especially in the service area, which manages without crowding to include kitchen, pantry, screened laundry porch, and water closet, all in less space than is occupied by the living room alone.