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Jennie Crocker Whitman House
Pebble Beach, California, 1925-26
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Jennie Crocker Whitman House
Pebble Beach, California

In 1925, client Jennie Crocker Whitman had Charles Greene design a large house for her three and a half-acre site. Its design rivaled the James house for its romanticism. The plan included a spacious courtyard with pool, formal walkways, and rustic “old brick” for the main building material. A long brick arcade, influenced by Charles’ love of Franciscan missions and Italian gardens, was planned as the focal point for the Whitman garden. The intent was to have the house take on an ancient air. Charles Greene hired Fred Coleman, the same mason and construction supervisor that he had used on the D.L. James House, to construct the Whitman house for the then-high sum of $88,000. Although one hundred thousand bricks were ordered and delivered to the site, and interior teak beams were awaiting shipment from White Brothers Lumber Company in San Francisco, the job was cancelled in January 1926 and never executed.