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Mrs. O.G. Wilson House
Los Angeles, California, 1922
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Mrs. O.G. Wilson House
Los Angeles, California

In 1922, Henry Greene was listed as the architect for alterations to the kitchen and other areas of this Los Angeles house (valued at $1,000.) Fifty-six drawings exist as documentation of these changes. The major ones appears to enlarge the house from a single family house to a house with a small, ground-floor apartment for a tenant or perhaps a family member. The living room of this apartment contains a recessed bed that lifted into the wall. There were many built-in shelves and other pieces of furniture in the living room and a dressing room that helped to organize and maximize the space. The apartment had a full kitchen, with a built-in table and seating units, a bath, and a screen porch in the back. There was ample closet space. The larger portion of the house consisted of a living room, dining room, kitchen, and screen porch on the ground level. An extension of the second floor added to the bedroom spaces upstairs. Elements and furniture such as a bay window and kitchen cabinets were removed and re-installed in different parts of the house to reflect the re-arrangement of the spaces.