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Mrs. Willis Walker Stable
Willis Walker Stable
Dr. Myron W. Walker House
Myron Walker House
Henry A. Ware House
Henry Ware House
Mrs W.F. West House
Mrs. W.F. West
Mrs.  Lucy E. Wheeler House
Wheeler House
Mrs. Kate A. White House
Mrs. Kate White House
Mss. Martha, Violet and Jane White House
Mss. Martha, Violet and Jane White House
T. Stewart White House
T. S. White House
Jennie Crocker Whitman House
Whitman House
Mrs. C.A. Whitridge  House
Whitridge House
Mrs. Carrie Whitworth House
Whitworth House
Charles P. Wilcox House
Wilcox House
C.J. Willett House
Willett House
Dr. Nathan H. Williams House
Williams House
Mrs. O.G. Wilson House
Wilson House
Charles S. Witbeck House
Witbeck House

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