Message from captain Ranesh Peiris

Hi guys:


Congratulations to Ashwin Rao, Aravinthan Wijayachandran, & Mervyn Fernando for their recognizable performances this past season. At the SCCA awards night, Ashwin received 2 awards - 1 for his century & 1 for the "best wicket keeper" in division II. Having some gifted slow bowlers helped Ashwin immensley, in that batsmen are constantly impatient and step out &/or flash at slower balls. Dr. Lareef, Mervyn & Aravinthan - all of them bowled superbly this season. Ashwin's keeping has always been a tower of strength & it was quite rewarding for him to receive that award.


Aravinthan Wijayachandran had a super hat trick vs. Pacifica & he received an award as well. Had Wijet played more games, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have ended the season with a record breaking 50 wickets at least! Mervyn had the best bowling average and should have received that award. However, the cheating captain of Pacifica - Mansoor had manipulated the stats and the decision makers into giving him the award. Mervyn richly deserved it, but did not get it. Sathy Chandramohan (CEO of Ford Graphics) and member of Colts was awarded a plaque of appreciation for his generous sponsorship of the Independence Cup turnament in 7/97. Since he was unable to receive the gift, I had the unenviable opportunity of receiving tha award on behalf of Mohan from the greatest batsman of all - Sunil Gavaskar.


Ashwin also won a bottle of wine when he answered the question "How many test wickets did Gavaskar get in his career?" (answer = 1).


Gavaskar's speech was quite humorous and thoroughly enjoyable and he was definitlely that perfect picture of the consummate gentleman. We probably will have pictures on the web site as soon as we develop them.


The President's party scheduled for 11/22 has been indefinitely postponed since many of us are unavilable. I will inform you when we fix a date. It'll probably be 1/98 before the SCCA AGM.


On behalf of Colts I would like to congratulate Ashwin & Lakshmi as they embark to India to have their formal and traditional wedding ceremony. At this point I would also like to recognize Atul & Mumta, & Arvin & Shaguna who "tied the knot" during or just before the past season.


We will discuss this in detail at Mervyn's party in 1/98. Right now the committed list is as follows...

Ranesh Peiris, Ashwin Rao, Mervyn Fernando, Aravinthan Wijayachandran, Dr. Lareef Idroos, Dr. Cyril Ernest, Arvin Varma, Atul Raj, Raj Sundararaman, Ryan Jayatileke, Dean Jayasinghe, Rajesh Paramasivam, Vikas Sondhi, Jagath Swaris, Mike Sachar, Rakesh Joshi, Venky Kulkarni, Darren Pereira

Please also e-mail me and let me know what your availability is like for the 1998 season, IF you were not included.