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Sue de Beer, Making Out with Myself, 1998, 3 min, DVD

Sue de Beer, Loser, 1998, 3 min, DVD

Sue de Beer and Laura Parnes, Heidi 2, 1999-2000, 30 min, DVD

Sue de Beer, Hans & Grete 2002, 40 min, DVD

Sue de Beer, Black Sun, 2005, 23 min, DVD, (2 copies)

Sterling Ruby, Collected Works
Item 1: Includes: Hiker, Agoraphobic, Landscape Annihilates Consciousness, 2001-2005
Item 2: Dihedral, Item 3: Lamictal Club Mix, DVD

Topping Fund 11-12 Purchase:

Akerman, Chantel, Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, 1975, 201 min, DVD
Akerman, Chantel, Chantal Akerman in the Seventies: Eclipse Series 19, 1972-1978, DVD

Antonioni, Michelangelo, Red Desert, 1964, 117 min, DVD

Curtis, Adam, Century of the Self, 2009, 240 min, DVD

Bresson, Robert, Pickpocket, 1959, 75 min, DVD

Finn, Jim, Video Works: Volume 1, 1999-2002, 12:30, DVD

Fischli and Weiss, The Point of Least Resistance, DVD

Glimcher, Arne, Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies, 2008, 62 min, DVD

Godard, Jean Luc, Breathless, 1960, 90 min, DVD

Hershman-Leeson, Lynn, Strange Culture, 2008, 75 min, DVD

Kaplan, Jonathan, Over the Edge, 1979, 95 min. DVD

Kelley, Mike and Beckman, Erika, Blind Country, 1989, 19:57 min, DVD

Kuchar, George, Weather Diary 1, 1986, 01:21, DVD

Moulton, Shana, Whispering Pines 2, 2003, 3:56, DVD
Moulton, Shana, Whispering Pines 5, 2005, 6:32, DVD

Murata, Takeshi, Untitled (Pink dot), 2007, :05, DVD

Paik, Nam June, Global Groove, 1973, 28:30, DVD

Schmidt-Garre, Jan, Long Shot Close Up, 2011, 100 min, DVD
Schmidt-Garre, Jan, This Not That: The Artist John Baldessari, 2010, 210 min, DVD

Sirk, Douglas, All That Heaven Allows, 1955, 89 min, DVD

Smith, John, Program 1, 1975-1992, 48:00, DVD

AL Steiner and AK Burns, Community Action Center, 2010, DVD

Van Sant, Gus, Gerry, 2002, DVD

Topping Fund 10-11 Purchase:

Bag, Alex, Untitled (Project for the Whitney Museum), 38 min. 2009, DVD

Benglis, Lynda, On Screen, 1972, 07:25, DVD

Benning, Sadie, Flat is Beautiful, 1998, 50 min., DVD

Braderman, Joan, The Heretics, 2009, 95 min, DVD

Export, Valie, Touch Cinema, 1968, 1:08 min, DVD

Export, Valie, Space Seeing - Space Hearing, 1973-74, 6:19 min., DVD

Farocki, Harun, War at a Distance, 2003, 54 min., DVD

Fischinger, Oscar, Compilation, DVD

Julian, Isaac, Looking for Langston, 1989, 60 min., DVD

McCarthy, Paul, Black and White Tapes, 1970-75, 32:50 min., DVD

Okishi, Ken, (Goodbye to) Manhattan, 2009-2010, DVD

Rosler, Martha, Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975, 6:09 min., DVD

Sherman, Stuart, Twelfth Spectacle (Language), 1980, 32 min., DVD

Sherman, Stuart, Thirteenth Spectacle (Time), 1980, 38 min., DVD

Snow, Michael, WVLNT, WAVELENGTH (For Those Who Don't Have the Time), 1966-67/2003, 15 min., DVD

Wiseman, Frederick, Basic Training, 1971, 80 min., DVD

Avant-Garde 3: Experimental Cinema 1922-1954

Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film, 1947-1986, 312 min., DVD

Art & Copy: Inside Advertising's Creative Revolution, Directed by Doug Pray, 2010, DVD

Objectified, Directed by Gary Hustwit, 2009, DVD

TypeFace, Directed by Justine Nagan, 2010, DVD

Topping Fund 09-10 Purchase:

Valie Export, Cuts: Elements of Observation, 1971-74, 16:34 min, DVD

Gary Hill, Site/Recite, 1989, 4:05 min, color, sound, DVD

Joan Jonas, Mirage Two, 1976-2000, 30 min, DVD

Nam June Paik and Jud Yalkut, Video-Film Concert, 1966-72,
Video Tape Study No. 3, 1967-69, 4:01 min,, Beatles Electroniques, 1966-72, 2:59 min., Electronic Moon No. 2, 1966-72, 4:52 min., Electronic Fables, 1965-71, 10:00 min., Waiting for Commercials, 1966-72, 6:41 min., Electronic Yoga, 1966-72, 8:18 min, DVD

Pipilotti Rist, (Entlastungen) Pipilottis Fehler, 1988, 11:10 min, DVD

Carolee Schneeman, Meat Joy, 1964, 10:35 min, color, sound, DVD

Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, 1970, 35 min, DVD

Ryan Trecartin, A Family Finds Entertainment, 2004, 42 min, DVD

Gregg Bordowitz, Fast Trip, Long Drop, 1993, 53:58 min, DVD

Mona Hatoum, Measures of Distance, 1988, 15:30 min, DVD

Suzanne Lacy, Auto: Body, 1998, 20:00 min, DVD

Suzanne Lacy, Making the Crystal Quilt, 1997, 48:00 min, DVD

Ulrike Ottinger: “Ticket of No Return”, 1979, 108 min, DVD

Ulrike Ottinger: “Madam X: An Absolute Ruler”, 1977, 141 min, DVD

John Whitney, Sr., Creative Arts Television Archive,1995, 27 min, DVD

Stan VanDerBeek: The Computer Generation, 1972, 27 min, DVD

Michael Haneke, The Michael Haneke Collection: The Piano Teacher/Funny Games/Code Unknown/The Castle/Benny’s Video/The Seventh Continent/71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance, DVD

Quay Brothers, Phantom Museums: The Short Films of the Quay Brothers, 1979-2006, DVD

Jean Painleve, Science Is Fiction: 23 Films by Jean Painleve, DVD

Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker, 1979, DVD

Gillo Pontecorvo, The Battle of Algiers - Criterion Collection, 1967, DVD

Bruce Nauman, Make me think, 1997, DVD

Jeff Krulik, John Heyn, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, 1996, DVD

Topping Fund 08-09 Purchase:

Hannah Wilke, Philly, 1977, 32 min, DVD NTSC

Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley, Heidi, 1992, DVD

Peggy Ahwesh, Pistolary! Films and Videos by Peggy Ahwesh, 2006, 3:34:42, DVD Box Set

Brian Springer, The Disappointment: Or, The Force of Credulity, 2007, 01:10:00, DVD

Frederick Wiseman, High School, 1968, DVD

Frederick Wiseman, High School II, 1984, DVD

Screening Room Series hosted by Robert Gardner, 1972-1981
Includes: Alan Lomax, Bruce Baillie, Carline Leaf and Mary Beams, Derek Lamb, Ed Emshwiller, Emile de Antonio, George Griffin, Hillary Harris, Hollis Frampton, James Broughton, Jan Lenica, Jean Rouch, John & Faith Hubley, John Whitney Sr., Jonas Mekas, Les Blank, Michael Snow, Peter Hutton, Richard P. Rogers, Ricky Leacock, Robert Breer, Robert Fulton, Stan Brakhage, Standish Lawder & Stanley Cavell, Suzan Pitt, Yvonne Rainer

Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge, Can’t Swallow It, Can’t Spit It Out, 2006, 26 min, DVD

Harry Smith, Early Abstractions & Mirror Animations, Numbers 1-5, 7,10, 22 min. and Number 11, 10 min, DVD

Harry Smith, Late Superimpositions (aka. No 14, 1964), 31 Min, DVD

Harry Smith, Heaven Earth Magic or Film #12, (ca. 1957-62), 66:00 min, DVD

Takahiko Iimura, Early Conceptual Videos, 2005, 23 min, DVD NTSC
5 videos in excerpts. A Chair, 1970, 6 min; Blinking, 1970, 2 min; Time Tunnel, 1971, 5 min; Man and Woman, 1971, 2 min. Visual Logic (and Illogic), 1977, 8 min. Total 23 min.

Jerome Bel, Anthology of JEROME BEL'S WORK
Including: Nom donné par l’auteur 1994, Jérôme Bel 1995, Shirtologie 1997, Le dernier spectacle 1998, The show must go on 2001, Véronique Doisneau 2004, Pichet Klunchun and myself 2005, DVD

Su Friedrich, The Films of Su Friedrich, Vol. 3: Sink or Swim, DVD

Maya Deren, Maya Deren: Experimental FIlms (1943-1959), DVD

Avant-Garde 2: Experimental Cinema 1928-1954, DVD

David Lynch, The Short Films of David Lynch, 2002, DVD

Bill Viola, Bill Viola, Selected Works: 1976-79, DVD
Migration, 1976, 7 min; The Reflecting Pool, 1977-79, 7 min; Ancient of Days, 1979-81, 12 min; Chott-El-Djerid, A Portrait in Light and Heat, 1979, 28 min.

Bill Viola, The Passing, 1991, DVD

The Work of Directors Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry, DVD 3 box set

David Lamelas: Films 1969-1972/2004, DVD

Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris, Criterion Collection, DVD

Robert Flaherty, Nanook of the North, DVDRobert Flaherty, Louisiana Story, DVD

Larry Clark, Wassup Rockers, DVDEric Rohmer, Perceval (1979), 140 min, DVD

Alejandro Jodorowsky Box Set, Includes Fando y Lis, El Topo, The Holy Mountain, 2007, DVD

Hiroshi Teshigahara, Antonio Gaudi, Criterion Collection, 1986, DVD

Jennie Livingston, Paris Is Burning, DVD

Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, DVD NTSC

Mike Kelley, Day is Done, 2008, 2 DVD

Morgan Neville, The Cool School, 2007, DVD

William Kentridge, Art from the Ashes, 1999, 52 min, DVD

Philippe Pareno and Douglas Gordon, Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, 2007, 90 min, PAL DVD

Topping Fund 07-08 Purchase:

Gordon Matta-Clark , Program Seven, Conical Intersect 1975, 18:40, Sous-Sols de Paris (Paris Underground) 1977-2005, 25:20 min, DVD

Carolee Schneemann, Fuse, 1964-66, 29:51 min, DVD

Raymond Pettibon, Sir Drone , Featuring Mike Kelley 1989, 55:37 min, DVD

Dan Graham, Rock My Religion, 1982-84, 55:27 min, DVD

Mike Smith, Secret Horror, 1980, 13:38 min, DVD

Charles Atlas, Hail the New Puritan, 1985-86, 84:47 min, DVD

Seth Price, Rejected or Unused Clips, Arranged in Order of Importance, 2003, 10:38 min, DVD

Jem Cohen, Lost Book Found, 1996, 37:00, DVD

Coco Fusco, Operation Atrropos, 2006, DVD

Lawrence Weiner, Hearts and Helicopters - A Trilogy, Eyes on the Prize 19:25 1999, How Far Is There 17:00 1999, With a Grain of Salt 16:00 2000, DVD

George Kuchar, Hold Me While I’m Naked, 1966,15m, VHS

Craig Baldwin, Sonic Outlaws, 1995, 16mm, 87m, VHS

Gus Van Sant, Mala Noche (Criterion Collection), 1986, DVD

Martha Graham, Dance on Film, Nathan Kroll (Criterion Collection), 1959, DVD

Jean Cocteau, Orphic Trilogy (Criterion Collection), The Blood of Poet, Orpheus, Testament of Orpheus,1930, DVD

Robert Whitman, Performances from the 1960s, 2003, DVD

Ant Farm Video Collective, Ant Farm Video, 2003, DVD

William Wegman, Video Works 1970-1999, 2-DVD Set

Melies the Magician, The films of Georges Melies, DVD

Trisha Brown, Early Works 1966-1979, 2-DVD Set, Early Works 1966 –1979, A Conversation with Trisha Brown and Klaus Kertess

Robert Rauschenberg, Open Score, E.A.T. - 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, DVD

Kenneth Anger, The Films of Kenneth Anger, Volume One, 1947-1954
Fireworks (1947), Puce Moment (1949), Rabbit's Moon (1950, the original 16 minute version) , Eaux d'Artifice (1953), Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954), DVD

Kenneth Anger, The Films of Kenneth Anger, Volume II, 1964-2002
Scorpio Rising (1964), Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965), Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969), Rabbit's Moon (1979 version), Lucifer Rising (1981), DVD

Michael Haneke, Cache, 2005, DVD

Luigi Cozzi, Star Crash, 1979, DVD

Craft in America, PBS, 2007, DVD

I Build the Tower, Leanler, Byer Documentary: Simon Rodia, 2007, DVD

Topping Fund 06-07 Purchase:

Raymond Pettibon, Judgment Day Theater: The Book of Manson, 1989, 118 min, DVD

Seth Price, Digital Video Effect: "Editions", 2006, 12 min, DVD

Bernadette Corporation, Hell Frozen Over, 2000, 19:22 min, DVD

Joan Jonas, Songdelay, 1973, 18:35 min, DVD

Mike Kelly and Paul McCarthy, Fresh Acconci 1995, 45 min, DVD

Hannah Wilke, Gestures, 1974, 35:30 min, DVD

Gordon Matta-Clark, Program Five: 1972 -1976,
Automation House 1971, Clockshower 1973, City Silvers 1976, 60:50 min, DVD

Jane Crawford and Robert Fiore, Sheds, Robert Smithson 2004, 22 min, DVD

Paper Rad, PjVidz #1: Color Vision 2003, 30:05 min, DVD

Ryan Mcginness, Video Happiness, 2002, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V7: Personas & Personalities, 2006, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V6: On Location, 2006, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V5: Joie De Vivre, 2005, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V4: Text and Language, 2005, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V3: Artist as Content, 2004, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V2: Artists of the West Coast, 2004, DVD

Aspect Magazine, V1: Artists of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, 2004, DVD

The Werner Herzog -Klaus Kinski Collection: Aguirre Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu Phantom Der, Woyzeck, Cobra Verde, Mein liebster Feind, 2004, DVD

Gus Van Sant, Elephant , 2003, DVD

Bela Tarr, Satantango, 1994, DVD

Peggy Ahwesh, The Dead Man and The Color of Love, VHS

The Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell, Including films: Nymphlight 1957, Angel 1957, Jack's Dream 1930s, Centuries of June 1955, 'Cotillion', 'The Midnight Party' 1938, The Aviary 1954, Bookstalls1930s, Rose Hobart 1936, A Legend for Fountains by Larry Jordan 1957/1965, DVD, DVD-ROM

Mike Kelly, The Banana Man, 1983, 28:15 min, DVD

Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard, Double-Blind, 1992, 75:58 min, DVD

Stan VanDerBeek, Visibles, 1959-1972, 71:49 min, VHS

Dara Birnbaum, Damnation of Faust Trilogy Compilation 27:00, 1983, 1985, 1987, DVD

Yvonne Rainer, Lives of Performers, 1972, DVD

Bernadette Corporation, Get Rid of Yourself, 2003, 61 min, DVD

Richard Kern, Hardcore Collection, 2000, DVD

Abnormal: The Sinema of Nick Zedd, 2001, DVD

Francois Truffaut, Small Change, 1976, DVD

Jacques Tati, Playtime - Critierion Collection, 1967, DVD

Takeshi Murata, Monster Movie, 2005, 3:55, DVD

John Baldessari, I am Making Art, 1971, 18:40, DVD

Cory Arcangel/Beige, Super Mario Clouds, 2004, 76 min, DVD

Cory Arcangel/Beige, The Making of Super Mario Clouds, 2004, 76 min, DVD

Chris Marker, La Jetee, Sans Soleil, DVD

Topping Fund 05-06 purchase:  

Marina Abramovic, Performance Anthology (1975-1980), 4:16 hr, b&w, sound, DVD

Takeshi Murata: Cone Eater, 2004, 4:26 min, color, sound, DVD

Vito Acconci: Remote Control, 1971, 1:02:15, DVD

Rea Tajiri: “The Hitchcock Trilogy: Vertigo, Psycho, Torn Curtain”, DVD

Eleanor Antin, The Adventures of a Nurse (Parts I and II) 1976, 65 min DVD

Alex Bag, Untitled Fall ‘95, 1995, 57 minutes, Color, Sound

Chris Burden, Documentation of Selected works, DVD NTSC

William Wegman, World History, 1976, 17:33 min, Audio CD

Gilbert & George, The Singing Sculpture, Philip Haas director, 1991 20min VHS NTSC

Fluxus, Fluxfilm Anthology - (1962-1970), 120 minutes, NTSC VHS

Avant-garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and 30s, (1921-1939, 387 min)

Chris Marker, La Jette, Included in Short #2 – Dreams, 1997, DVD

Decasia: The State of Decay, A film by Bill Morrison, 2002, DVD

Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941, 7 DVD set

The Movies Begin – A Treasury of Early Cinema, 1894-1913, DVD

Un chien Andalou, DVD

By Brakhage: An Anthology, 2003, Criterion Collection, DVD

Len Lye: Rhythms, 2001, VHS NTSC

Experiments in Terror: Abstract and Experimental Horror, 1961-2003, 1:46, DVD

Films and Videos by Zbig Rybczynski - Volume 1 – Media, DVD

Films and Videos by Zbig Rybczynski - Volume 2 - Steps, DVD

CyberArts 2004, DVD + Book

LA Creators Vol. 1 2003, DVD

LA Creators Vol. 2, 2004, DVD

Directors Label: Spike Jonze/Chris Cunningham/Michel Gondry, 200, DVD

Ninja Tune Zen TV, 2004, DVD

THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director’s Cut Two-Disc) George Lucas, (1971) DVD

2001 - A Space Odyssey (1968), Kubrick, DVD

Soylent Green (1973), Kleisher, DVD

Alphaville - Criterion Collection (1965), Godard, DVD

Time of the Wolf [Le Temps du loup] (2003) Haneke , DVD

Issac Julian: Baadasssss Cinema – A bold Look at 70’s Blaxploitation Film, 2003 , DVD

Errol Morris: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, 1997, DVD

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky: Brother’s Keeper, 1992, DVD

Chris Smith: American Movie, 1999, DVD

Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, 1997, DVD

Betty Woodman: Thinking Out Loud, By Charles Woodman,1991, 20 min, VHS

Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics, 1950-2000 50 min 2000

The Space of Pottery: Ceramics by Paul Mathieu, Richard Harrison, 1991, 26 min, VHS.

Topping Fund 04-05 purchase:  

Martin Arnold: Cinemnesis, VHS

Sadie Benning: Video Works, Volume 1, Compilation 35:00, DVD   

A Collection of early short film by Yvonne Rainer “Five Easy Pieces” 48:00 1966, VHS

Harun Farocki, “Inextinguishable Fire”, 25 minutes, 1969, DVD       

Tran T. Kim-Trang– “Blindness series” Compilation, 1:07:00, DVD      

Ana Mendieta: Selected Filmworks 1972-1981, 33mn b/w, DVD

Chris Burden: Big Wrench, DVD 

Pipillotti Rist: I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much, 1986, 7:46 min, color, DVD

Vito Acconci: Running Tape. 1969, 30 min, Audio CD

Valie Export: “Invisible Adversaries”, 1976, 100 min, Color, Austria, Subtitled, VHS

Eija-Liisa Ahtila, The Cinematic Works, 2003, DVD

Tehching Hsieh: Tehching Hsieh One Year Performance Art Documents: 1978 - 1999
DVD-ROM Only in OS 9

Chris Marker: "The Last Bolshevik", 116 min, color, 1993, VHS

Ken Jacobs: Tom Tom the Piper's Son, 1969-2002, 133 min, color and b&VHS

Peggy Ahwesh: “The Color of Love”, DVD NTSC

Michael Snow: Wavelength For Those Who Don't Have the Time, 2003, DVD

David Byrne: E.E.E.I., 2003, Book and DVD

Douglas Weathersby: Environmental Services:  Projects for TV by Douglas Weathersby, 2003

Dziga Vertov, Man with a Movie Camera, 1929, Version with score by Michael Nyman, DVD

Claire Denis: Beau Travail, 1999, 90 min, DVD

Enter the Dragon, DVD 

Motion Blur, 2004, DVD + book

ONEDOTZERO: Select 2, onedotzero, 2004, DVD

Richard Fenwick: Selected Experimental Work, 2003, GAS Japan, DVD

Revolutions of the Wheel: The Emergence of Clay Art
5 video set (1997/ 150 minutes)
1 The Tradition of No Tradition , 2 The Great Move West, 3 Peter Voulkos & the Otis Group,
4 Robert Arneson & the Davis Group, 5 The Width of a Circle , VHS

Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada, Tom Neff. 1993, 60 min, VHS + 10 page viewers guide

Videos in Fine Arts Library Collection:

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 3. The Order, DVD

Point of view 10 DVDs, work of:
Douglas Gordon, Gary Hill, David Claerbout, Anri Sala, Joan Jonas, Pierre Huyghe, Francis Alÿs, William Kentridge, Pipilotti Rist, Paul McCarthy, Isaac Julien

Surveying the First Decade, Programs 1-8, VHS
17 hours of historic video,
for programs

Mike Smith, William Wegman, The World of Photography, 1986, 24min, VHS

Michael Snow, Digital snow (CD-ROMS)

Bill Viola, I do not know what it is I am like and Hatsu Yume (First dream)

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, El naftazteca

Huan Zhang, Peace, multiple works

Larry Clark, Bully