Roski School of Fine Arts Library DVD Topping Fund
DVD I By Year instructions requests distributors donating instructions

The following is a list of the compiled dvd requests wish list that exceeded the fund amount.
Also listed are DVDs that were researched to be unavailable or out of stock.

Bresson, Robert, The Devil Probably, DVD, (PAL only)

Godard, Jean-Luc, Weekend (1968), DVD (PAL only)

Depardon, Raymond, Modern Life (La Vie Moderne) , 2008, DVD (PAL only)

Downey, Juan, Moving, 1974, 27 min, DVD, EAI, Unavailable

Downey, Juan, Las Meninas (Maids of Honor), 1975, 20:34 min, DVD, Unavailable

Piper, Adrian, Funk Lessons Meta-Performance, 1987, 42:00. Unavailable

Piper, Adrian, My Calling (Card) #1 Meta-Performance, 1987-88, 58:00. Unavailable

Muntadas, Between the Frames, 1983-91

Eleanor Antin, The Ballerina and the Bum, 1974, 53 min, DVD NTSC
EAI,, $400

Sophie Calle, Unfinished, 2005, 30:14 min
EAI:, $400

Tony Oursler, Tony Oursler: Selected Works, 1979, 34:20, DVD
Diamond (Head) 1979, 13:52 min, Good Things and Bad Things 1979, 11:51 min, Life 1979, 9:17 min
EAI:, DVD $400

Ant Farm, Ant Farm's Dirty Dishes, 1971-2003, 8:30 min, DVD NTSC
EAI:, $300

Takahiko Iimura, Experiments in New York, 1967-1981, 29 min, DVD NTSC
New York Scenes, 1967, 10min, New York Hot Springs, 1984, 11min., Talking in New York, 1981, 8min.
The Film-Makers' Cooperative, $200.00

Takahiko Iimura, Filmmakers, 1969, DVD NTSC, VHS NTSC, color, sound, 30 min, DVD NTSC
Collection of Anthology Film Archives, New York. Also available in video from Arthouse, New York

Bradley Eros, Burn (Or, the Second Law of Thermodynamics), 2004, DVD NTSC, color
The Film-Makers' Cooperative,

Helen Hill, House of Sweet Magic, 1996-2004, 60 mins, DVD NTSC
The Film-Makers' Cooperative,, $60.00

Nick Zedd, War is Menstrual Envy : Parts I, II, III, 1992, 77 min, VHS NTSC
The Film-Makers' Cooperative,, $250.00

Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot, 1971, 102 min
The Film-Makers' Cooperative,

Nancy Graves, Gouimime, 1970, DVD NTSC
The Film-Makers' Cooperative,, $400.00

Daniel Eisenberg, Something More Than Night, 2003, 77 min, DVD
Self distributed by the film maker, contact him at, $350

John Sanborn, The Last Videotapes of Marcel Duchamp, 1976, 32:03 min, DVD NTSC
EAI: , $400.00

General Idea, Test Tube, 1979, 28:15 min, DVD NTSC
EAI: , $300

Frederick Wiseman,
Central Park, 1989, DVD,, $400
Titicut Follies, 1967, DVD,, $500
The Store, 1986, DVD,, $400
Blind, 1986, DVD, , $400
Death, 1986, DVD,, $400

Yvonne Rainer, A Woman Who...: Selected Works of Yvonne Rainer, 1:21:00, 2005
DVD Box Set, Video Data Bank , $500

Various, 40 Years of Video Art, 2006, Hatje Cantz Publishers, 10 DVDs,
173 Euros

Various, 40 Years of Video Art, 2006, Hatje Cantz Publishers
Book, ISBN-10: 3775717188, $31.69

The Best of Resfest, DVD
Facets multimedia:, DV63849, $19.95

Seth Price, Painting Sites, 2001, 18:12 min, DVD NTSC
EAI,, $300

Seth Price, Industrial Synth, 2001, 16:37 min, DVD NTSC
EAI,, $300

Charles Atlas, Put Blood in the Music, 1989, 75 min, DVD NTSC
EAI,, $500

George Kuchar, DVD Boxed Set, 2006, 10 hours, 6 DVD set
Video Data Bank, $1,200

Video Data Bank:, $300

Chip Lord, Chip Lord Videoworks: Volume 1, Works made between 1977 and 1984, DVD
Video Data Bank, $425

Sterling Ruby, Sterling Ruby: Interventionist Works, 2001-2002, DVD
Video Data Bank, $325

Chris Hilton & Gauthier Flaunder, Advertising Missionaries, 1996, DVD
First Run / Icarus films:, $390

Matt McCormick and Morgan Currie, The 70s Dimension: Various Artists, DVD
Other Cinema:, $100 Institutional

Jenni Olson and Karl Knapper, Afro Promo, DVD
Other Cinema:, $100 Institutional

Unknown Artist, Lowfat Graphic, DVD
YouWorkForThem:, $34.99

Yoko Ono, Original, DVD
am K. Y.: <> English version to be released shortly from this dist.

Astra Taylor, Zizek, 2005, 71 min, DVD
Zeitgeist Films: <>, $195

Elisabeth Subrin Trilogy: The Fancy (about Francesca Woodman), Shulie, and Swallow,1:40:00, DVD
Video Data Bank,, $425 DVD

Peggy Ahwesh: “Strange Weather”, 1993, 50 min, DVD NTSC
Electronic Arts Intermix: Order # W99587, $400

Jordan Belson: Mysterious Journey, VHS
Center for Visual Music:, $100

Elizabeth Subrin, “Shulie”, 36:30, 1997, (available on DVD?)
Video Data Bank,, $275

Bill Viola, Reverse Television -- Portraits of Viewers (Compilation Tape), 1984, 15 min, DVD
Electronic Arts Intermix:, $300

Michael Smith, Down in the Rec Room, 1979, re-edited 1981, 13:38 min, DVD
Electronic Arts Intermix:, $300

Films and Videos by Zbig Rybczynski - Volume 3 - The Orchestra, DVD
Zbig Vision:, $22.95

Ulrike Ottinger: “The Image of Dorian Gray in The Yellow Press”, 1984, 150 min, VHS
VHS Sale $395.00, $395.00

Baerbel Neubaurer: Colors and Minutes, DVD, $100

Adrian Piper, Limited edition boxed set of all her videos and sound works on DVD, $2,000

Jordan Belson: 4 Early Films, 2002, 5 Films, 1964 – 1973, 2003, Collected Films, 2002, Unavailable
Kinetica Video Library/iotaCenter

Harry Smith: Early Abstractions, Re:Voir Video, VHS  Not available in US

Oskar Fischinger: Early Films, Re:Voir Video, VHS $200. Not available in US

Jacques Rivette, Celine and Julie Go Boating, 1974, 193 min, DVD, Unavailable
New Yorker Films,, $19.95

Pat O’Neil compilations, Last of Persimmons, Runs Good, Easyout, Down Wind, VHS, Unavailable
Canyon Cinema,, $250

Pat O’Neil, Compilations: Saugus Series, Sidewinder's Delta, Foregrounds, VHS, Unavailable
Canyon Cinema,, $180?

Luther Price, Meat & Scary Clown Transformations Part 2, Unavailable
Canyon Cinema, Total for two titles on VHS $110

Bonnie Sherk, Portable Parks I-III; Sitting Still; Pacing; Public Lunch, 1970, Unavailable
VHS Only, Endurance Compilation, Reel 2

Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, Six fois deux/Sur et sous la communication, Unavailable
1976, 9:57 hr, color, sound