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The Tsunami Research Center's staff have been quoted many times in the news. Below is a list of links to websites and PDF documents with stories from newspapers and magazines:

New Map Reveals Tsunami Risks in California - Scientific American (18/12/2009)

Preparing for tsunamis in California - Popular Science Online (4/30/2009)

Signs around LA beaches warn of tsunami threat - Seattle Times (4/12/2009)

Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System to Become Operational in 2006 - National Defense Magazine(11/2005)

The Megatsunami of December 26,2004 (Costas Synolakis, Emile Okal, and Eddie Bernard) - The Bridge (Summer 2005)

Little is known about damage giant wave could cause - Mercury News (07/27/2005)

USC Tsunami Researchers featured in Science
The details of the December 26th tsunami have been published in a pair of articles appearing in the journal Science. Professor Synolakis was co-authored on a report which detailed the tsunami effects in Sri Lanka while Professor Borrero reported on the tsunami effects in Banda Aceh. (June 9, 2005)

Tsunami experts say better safe than sorry - Mercury News (06/15/2005)

Model shows Islands Muted Tsunami after Latest Indonesian Quake - Science Magazine (04/15/2005)

Could it Happen Here? - Civil Engineering (04/2005)

Study figures local tsunami cost - Daily Breeze (04/01/2005)

Southern California tsunami could cause $42 billion damage - Eurekalert (03/31/2005)

Faster response to 2nd quake, but serious flaws exposed - (free registration required) (03/29/2005)

Scientists predicted a new tremblor in that region of the sea floor - (03/29/2005)

Experts' Fear of Big Quake Appear to Be Borne Out - New York Times (03/29/2005)

India must cooperate on tsunami warning system - Nature (03/03/2005)

Spurensuche nach dem Tsunami - Neue Zürich Zeitung (02/02/2005)

Nuke Policy Leads India to Build Own Tsunami Detection Network - Science (01/28/2005)

On the trail of destruction - Nature (01/27/2005)

Sea walls not a solution to tsunami: experts - New Kerala (01/23/2005)

Fears gloom over dams - Sri Lanka Daily News (01/17/2005)

Secrets of tsunamis not easliy revealed - Seattle Post - Intelligencer (01/17/2005)

Dream-Team mit Makel - Der Spiegel (01/17/2005)

Lanka gets a briefing on tsunami - Sri Lanka Daily News (01/17/2005)

The Man Who Saved His Village - Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka (01/16/2005)

Scientists Release Tsunami Effect Data - Associated Press (Charlotte News-Observer) (01/15/2005)

Self Centred West's Narrow Focus Puts Lives at Risk - Times (of London) Higher Education Supplement (THES), (01/14/2005)

Middle East 'should have tsunami warning system' - Gulf News, Dubai (01/13/2005)

Professors Study Natural Disaster Probablilities - Daily Trojan (01/12/2005)

Tsunami Simulation an Inexact Science - San Francisco Chronicle (01/10/2005)

Cómo salvarse de un tsunami - El País (01/09/2005) (includes translation)

1812 California Tsunami Carried a Ship Inland - Los Angeles Times (01/09/2005)

In Wake of Disaster, ScientistsSeek Out Clues to Prevention - (01/07/2005)

KCET Life & Times Transcript (01/05/2005)

In Past Tsunamis, Tantalizing Clues to Future Ones - New York Times (01/04/2005)

O.C.'s Tsunami Threat - Orange County Register (12/31/2004)

Why There Was No Warning - The Wall Street Journal (12/29/2004)

Disaster Prompts Calls for Indian Ocean Warning System - Los Angeles Times (12/29/2004)

La tragédie de l'océan Indien aurait-elle pu être évitée? by Jose Borrero - La Tribune, Sherbrooke, Que. (12/29/2004) (includes translation)

Disagreement among scientists on tsunamis in Greece - Apogeymatini - 12/28/2004 (in Greek)

Tsunamis' Toll Might Have Been Lessened - Washington Post (12/27/2004)

Rupture hundreds of miles in length started undersea wave - The Seattle Times (12/27/2004)

India not part of Global Warning System - Hindustan Times (12/27/2004)

Strong Quake Could Trigger A Tsunami In Southern California, USC Researchers Report - - (9/28/2004)

Tanea - Hellas Press (01/24/2004)

Tsunami Warning Posted, but Soon Lifted - Los Angeles Times (09/26/2003)

Tsunami Researcher Saves Life at the Beach - USC Engineer (09/2003)

The next big wave - The Economist (08/14/2003)

Researchers Warn of Tsunami Danger - Los Angeles Times (05/03/2003)

Team in South Pacific Studies Source of Historic Tsunami - - (08/06/2002)

Experts Find Clues to Cause of Deadly Pacific Tsunami - New York Times (04/23/2002)

Researchers Target Deadly Tsunamis - Science Magazine (08/17/2001)

Tsunami Threat Mapped along Southern California Coast - Civil Engineering News (2001)

Threat of Giant Waves? - (2001)

Threat of killer waves Recent scientific studies show the power of tsunamis - (09/10/2001)

Undersea Landslides Pose Tsunami Threat - San Jose Mercury News (12/19/2000)

Underwater Landslides Threaten California Coast - SFGate (12/19/2000)

Scientists travel across the Pacific to study the 1946 tsunami... - Honolulu Star (09/23/2000)

Undersea slides can trigger Tsunamis - Honolulu Star (07/18/2000)

SCIENCE FILE / An exploration of issues and trends affecting science,
medicine and the environment
- Los Angeles Times (04/27/2000)

Why the New Guinea tsunami carries bad news for North America - Science News Online (10/03/1998)

The Left Coast Is Toast--Very Wet Toast - Los Angeles Times (09/27/1998)

Scientists Say Undersea Landslide Caused Tsunami - Los Angeles Times (08/31/1998)

Tsunamis threaten world's coastlines - (08/25/1998)

Short Warning Time Adds to Tsunami Peril - Los Angeles Times (07/20/1998)

Neither Riots Nor Fires Nor Mudslides Nor Earthquakes Nor O.J. Simpson... - The San Francisco Examiner (06/24/1994)